About Us

When you hire acreswerks, you are hiring a full-service ad agency dedicated to helping brands inspire progress in farming, food sourcing and healthy communities. In fact, the origins of our company are rooted in the very pillars of the regenerative movement sweeping the world.

Five years ago, a group of farmers, ecologists and the editors from Acres U.S.A., founded in 1971, met in Costa Rica to launch the biggest revolution in the history of agriculture and human health: To create a world economy that works toward regeneration of our land and ecosystems. Today, that movement is exploding in popularity. Consumers of all types are educating themselves on the positive impact they can have by selectively purchasing from companies committed to the idea of regenerating our planet.

Why us? Nobody knows this better than Acres U.S.A. Behind our agency is 50 years of experience working with farmers, growers, researchers and agriculture professionals around the world who are helping improve our world, every day.

Meet the team:

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Agency Director

Jorge Abrego brings more than 25 years of advertising agency and cross-disciplinary marketing experience to the conversation. Having worked on global B2B and B2C brands, Jorge is a student of effective advertising and a leader in finding innovative solutions for regenerative companies seeking to effectively execute their go-to-market strategies. His clients range from biological input companies to apparel brands, software developers to equipment manufacturers, all moving their companies in a positive direction down the regenerative spectrum.


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Audience Manager

Ben Trollinger has more than 15 years in publishing, writing, photography and multimedia experience. He is the executive editor of Acres U.S.A. magazine, host of the Tractor Time podcast, and editor of several books on the science of regenerative agriculture. He works with vendors around the world to create high-end, high-value content growers depend on for their soil-health management programs.

Art Director

Afton Pospisilova has been leading a design team in the Colorado mountains for more than a decade. Her experience in helping agriculture and community-based companies succeed will serve your business well. Her team produces everything from our books to specialty high-end magazines to video commercials to superb stand-alone advertisements for a diverse set of clients.

Project Manager

Rachel Wobeter is the director of getting stuff done in our operation. Her background in event management and connecting brands with audiences supports all of our clients with strong deliverables, and a commitment to deadlines. From webinars to print ads, she can help you ensure your ad gets to the right audience right on time.

Brand Manager

Jessica Smith manages all the brands under the Acres U.S.A. umbrella. Her background in digital marketing, print publishing and creative writing support brands with the tools, technology and conversion tactics that drive our own growing businesses.

Operations Manager

Chad Kuskie handles billing and reporting for our clients, ensuring they can easily track what they are buying, and ensuring you have a human touch in our office to support any questions you have about our payment system and schedule.

Regenerative Consultant

Sarah Day Levesque is the executive director and general manager of Breaking Ground Institute, a company focused on building communities around the idea of regeneration. From events focused on leadership to investment strategies, Sarah guides our operations by finding new communities moving a regenerative direction.

General Manager

Ryan Slabaugh has more than 20 years of experiencing building audiences for advertisers and working in conservation. As the leader Acres U.S.A. since 2016 and having served on the board of several conservation-oriented operations, he will share his expertise in growing business through content with your operation, and help you identify where your business is on the spectrum.


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